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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    There have been problems recently with security issues in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Should I change to another software?

A.     If you are using Internet Explorer 8 and have all the updates you should be fine.  If not you should definitely update this.   However, if you are still concerned you could try one of the other software that is available.  The best known of these are Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome.

Q.     What is the best way to back-up my files and photos?

A.     That depends on how much data you have to back-up.  For most home users an external hard drive would be the best and cheapest option.  These vary is price anything from about £50 to £120.  If you only have a small amount of data a USB memory stick may be sufficient.  These are priced anything from £5 to £80.

Q.    What is defrag and do I need to do it?

A.   Defragmentation should be carried at least every 3 months depending  on how much the PC is used and what for.  Defragmentation re-organises the files on your hard disk and therefore helps to speed up the PC.

Jargon Resolved

Is a general term for software programs that have been designed with or can be used for malicious intent. These include viruses, worms and Trojans.

A malicious software program that has been designed to damage the software on your computer.

A malicious software program that has been disguised as a harmless software program.

Software installed to monitor the use of a PC.

Blog – web log
An online journal or news site.

The name given to a form of internet fraud that tries to trick you into giving you personal details.

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